Initial Assessment and Implementations

Tier 1 Service:

Here we get together, via telecommunications, to assess the prevalent issues. From there, discuss what your company needs to improve, and develop a plan to best suit your needs. Due to this service being data oriented, it is our least invasive; meaning we analyze the information provided and suggest fixes. Therefore any plan developed will be based solely from information provided by your company and the strategic analysis performed by our experienced consultants. Essentially setting your organization up with the best possible paths forward and not over tasking any staff members.

Often it only takes a fresh set of eyes to get a better perspective and handle on certain issues and this is where our consultation is very beneficial. With an unbiased and straightforward approach; we will draft a plan to implement and set up a timeline to help track the progress of the new changes.

For those organizations that require more in-depth systems analysis and efficiency consulting, see our Aircraft Maintenance Process Overhaul service.

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