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Tier 2 Service – Over time we all get into a routine of doing business a “certain” way. While there is nothing technically wrong in this practice, we tend to be closed off to new ideas and innovative practices; this will hold an organization back. To help remedy this, we will come out to your organization and observe a normal day’s work, not interfere with anyone, from the newest technician to the most senior manager. From that day of observing, with a schedule what we can work out, we will sit down with those workers and managers to discuss what their constraints are and simply ask if they have any input themselves. We strongly believe in listening first, as the technicians and shop managers are the ones who live with their issues on a daily basis. We’ll consult with managers on how best to interpret, plan, and effectively communicate the necessary changes so everyone’s clear on what is needed. This communication is key in successfully executing any plan that we develop for your organization, so we will coach managers on what the best ways are to deliver pertinent information. Our many years in aviation lends us to be able to better consult, connect, and understand your organization’s needs. Aviation management consulting from our company can greatly improve your overall success and build a more positive culture within your organization.

Organizations requiring full systems and processes analysis and efficiency consulting should consider our Aircraft Maintenance Process Overhaul service.

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