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Critical & Essential Path Overhaul

Tier 3 Service – It is difficult to see issues and what is necessary for change. Issues will snowball and become legitimate problems that cost time and money daily. Critical and essential path overhaul is an in-depth consulting service.  We review the information and data gathered from analyzing the time taken to do tasks. We also sit in with technicians and managers to see what slows them down. We compile all of these findings to show the cost involved in those tasks, compared with industry averages. We are thereby giving a graphical representation of the inefficiencies your organization is facing. Often there are several regulations to follow, from the government to the host base which causes inefficiencies of their own. Our overhaul will coincide with those standards.

We also work with managers to coach them on more effective leadership techniques and communication skills. Doing this will ensure that an open and innovative management system will help limit issues not being addressed and taken care of in a timely fashion. EAS will also teach managers how to utilize better the tools their organization already has in place. This service is very hands-on for us initially; however, the intent is to set your organization up for sustained success. We are here anytime you need us, and we’ll help to answer questions no matter how big or small.

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