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Our goal at EAS is to provide clear and concise solutions for Field Team Operations and satellite subsidiaries. We specialize in process flow management, critical path analysis, strategic planning, data analysis, and managerial coaching. Whether there are issues with suppliers, manufacturing, or communication with employees, we are here to help. Regardless if you’re a small maintenance organization looking to build a more significant client base, or a large entity branching out to numerous countries, we are here to help. Our goal is to make your company more efficient and profitable.

EAS is Veteran owned and operated, comprised of aviation and business professionals with years of experience. All of which have been around and in the aerospace and defense industry — our vast knowledge and expertise span from flight deck operations to MRO and military depot-level maintenance.

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Chris Kram – Lead Aviation Consultant

Chris’s involvement in various aircraft maintenance arenas lends to his wealth of knowledge and experience. Such as military O-level with 6.5 years of service, to the unique world of regeneration depot restorative maintenance. Possessing this diverse background enables him to work through unique and complex issues. Offering his clients a well rounded, outside-the-box way of solving their problems. Chris is ideally suited to make FTO and satellite organizations more efficient. With the experience of utilizing limited assets to their fullest, Chris makes the most inefficient processes flow smoothly.

Chris Kram is your professional Aviation Consultant committed to providing the necessary guidance you need to take the best actions. From making complex strategic decisions to improving communication company-wide. Therefore, the end goal is not to run a company for anyone. However, it is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of processes that align with the organizations set guidelines. Furthermore, with the help of our elite staff, you will employ a more efficient and productive solution to increase quality, decrease rework, and improve work culture.


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