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Managing Communication

Uncategorized / December 6, 2017

Ever work in a place where there was an “open-door” policy with upper management? Or were you told your ideas and suggestions are taken seriously? Only to find out that the door seems shut and innovative thinking is defying supervision. Unfortunately, in many organizations, this is simply the norm. Workers become keen on doing just enough and are unable to make decisions that would help create a process more efficient.

How do we combat this? How do we make it, so our workers feel and know their ideas do matter? It all starts with leadership and the way employee suggestions are handled, from simple solutions to the complex needs of technicians. Managers need to be actively engaged in what the technicians are doing and most of all, where they are falling short. Actively engaged does not mean to micromanage. Instead, we talk to the technicians about their day to day taskings, and the bottlenecks faced. Most of the time, managers only come out to see what the progress is and then ask why things aren’t further along. However, in practice, it comes down to body language, and how a manager comes across, it also hinges on past experiences with a technician and managers. To make this a productive visit, a manager has to ask direct questions to the technicians and actively listen. When something seems amiss, ask what they (manager) can do to make sure things will go in the right direction.

All too often, technicians are asked what they need, and their requests go unfulfilled. Unfortunately, a trend like this means a technician will never give a true answer. To combat this, make sure you fully understand what is being suggested. Ask more questions as need, and be sure to follow up in a relatively timely fashion. Being a good leader means you do everything you can for those who get the job done every day. When your employees believe that you have their best interests and needs in mind, the better quality and quantity of work will get done. Confidence in leadership builds an efficient culture, and most of all, trustworthy, without trust in management employee’s will always second guess decisions and not put forth their best efforts.

Be a leader, be a mentor, and those under your supervision will perform at their best daily.

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