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EAS is led by lead aviation consultant Chris Kram (see below). In our quest to demonstrate the efficiencies we prescribe to our clients, Chris will bring on board trusted and very skilled SMEs from various areas with more in depth experience to better handle unique challenges. We are well versed in Lean Six Sigma and aircraft maintenance management which lends to the most beneficial change within your organization.

Chris Kram – Lead Aviation Consultant

Chris Kram is your professional Aviation Consultant committed to providing the necessary guidance you need in order to take the best actions. From making strategic decisions to understanding what the logical next steps are, to getting down to the lowest level employee to understand and fix simple to complex issues. The end goal is to not run a company for anyone, but to consult with and help guide through issues that will take away from the effectivity and productivity of maintainers. With the help of a bona fide professional, you’ll be able to employ a more efficient and productive solution to increase quality, decrease rework, and idle down time.

Since 2003, Chris has been involved in various aircraft maintenance arenas, from military O-level, to the unique world of regeneration depot restorative maintenance. Chris’ instrumental guidance with overhaul the processes within the functional testing of regenerated aircraft proved to save countless man hours and a massive reduction in overhead costs to his contract. This background has enabled him to work through unique and complex issues, which in turn, gives his clients a well rounded, outside-the-box way of solving their individual issues. Chris works closely with each client to come up with actionable and efficient plans that will help them reach their goals.


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