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The premiere aviation consulting company focused on improving effectiveness in leadership and efficiency in aircraft maintenance. We understand what is needed to have a dynamic, successful team, and will work one on one with your organization to get the best out of every employee. Aircraft maintenance requires clear and concise processes to ensure efficiency and to limit unnecessary man hours and product waste . With aircraft and their inner workings always changing, maintenance processes quickly become dated, testing and troubleshooting will always need to evolve. Unfortunately without an open and innovative environment, downed aircraft will take longer to fix. Our goal is to work with our clients to keep these processes up to date, efficient, and effective. All while cultivating a better work culture and environment, we are geared towards fixing the gap between managers and technicians, as well as, improving workflow by limiting constraints caused during the troubleshooting phase of fixing aircraft.  Contact us today and speak with owner and head aviation consultant Chris Kram about setting up a consultation.

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EAS: Keeping it Essential and Efficient.

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